Outstanding western hospitality, rich history and culture, and entertainment available at every corner and hour. All of this can be found in Reno, Nevada: The Biggest Little City in the World. Reno is located near Nevada's western border, nestled in the valley known as Truckee Meadows and separated from its sister city, Sparks, by the Truckee River. It is located 20 miles to the east of the Sierra Nevada mountains, providing opportunities for dozens of different recreations ranging from golf to skiing. and a distinctly business-friendly atmosphere, there's something for everyone in Reno.

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The first construction in the area of present-day Reno was a hotel and a bridge that spanned the Truckee River, both owned by Charles William Fuller. At the time, it was known as Fuller's Crossing, until it was sold to Myron C. Lake and renamed Lake's Crossing. This bridge and hotel became a key location on the route between Virginia City's silver mines and northern California. As with many cities, the arrival of the Central Pacific Railroad in 1868 caused the city to blossom, as an agreement was made between Myron Lake and Central Pacific for a town to be built at the crossing and for the crossing's ownership to be divided between the two parties. Buildings were constructed very quickly, and the new settlement was named after General Jesse Lee Reno, a Union army officer who had been killed during the Civil War. By the mid-1870's, Reno had become an important commercial center, with the Virginia and Truckee Railroad having extended its line into the city.

Reno's tourism industry, now a flourishing and crucial part of the city's economy, was started in 1931, after casino gambling was legalized by the state legislature, and gambling establishments filled the city. Behind the scenes of the flashing lights and fast-moving money, however, the city continued to develop a diverse economic base through its role as an important transportation hub. In the present day, Reno has seen a major boom in construction, both in the refurbished downtown and in the city's outskirts, and significant expansions in its tourism industry, which includes not only its many casinos, but in its many resorts, nestled comfortably into the nearby mountains. The city's mild climate and wide variety of year-round recreational opportunities, both indoor and outdoor, are what has driven this fantastic city to be what it is today. Come see for yourself! No matter which zip code of Reno you find yourself in, you're sure to find something spectacular!

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